Shearex 60″ Front Mount Drum Mulcher – HM-70SR

Shearex’s Frount Mount mulcher is the ultimate tool for fast and efficient roadside maintenance, invasive species removal, land clearing, and underbrush maintenance. This mulcher is the best forestry mulcher head and offers the speed and power to complete any land-clearing job. Use our forestry mulcher with your skid steer to be able to clear land with the utmost efficiency!

Shearex 60″ Front Mount Drum Mulcher – HM-70SR

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Key Specifications

Recommended Minimum Carrier Power 74
Cutting Width (in) 74.75
Cutting Distance from Cutting Ground Level in (in) 0.4
Number of Blades on Rotor 27
Optimal Target Material Diameter (in) 8
Exterior Length (in) 49.25
Exterior Height (in) 50.625
Exterior Width (in) 89
Rotor Diameter (in) 17.625
Approximate Typical Weight (lbs) 3,000
Variable Displacement Axial Piston Motor 110 cc
Min. Required Continous Flow (gal/min) 33
Max. Operating Pressure (psl) 6,000
Rotating Speed (rpm) 2,600
Pressure Line I.D. #16
Return Line I.D. #16
Drain Line I.D. #10
Bolt-on Liner Included
Mechanical Pushbar Included

Key Features

CONVEX DX™ PROTECTION SYSTEM The protection system on our mulchers is made out of four types of fins that limit the amount of material cut with each pass and concentrates the smaller material toward the center of the blades.
BLADE ANGLE OPTIMISED FOR A PERFECT CUT Our new blade and blade mount design allows for more durability and cutting power for our mulchers for excavators. The rotor maintains its power throughout the blades’ lives.
ROADSIDE MAINTENANCE The power and speed of Shearex’s skid steer hydraulic mulcher can clear the sides of any hunting lanes, trails, roads or highways.
FOREST FIRE PREVENTION Cutting firebreaks can be a safe and efficient way to limit the spread of forest fires when you use the best skid steer forestry mulcher on the market today!
INFRASTRUCTURE Skid steer mulchers can easily manage new roads to maintain a right of way under electrical lines or over pipelines.
LAND MANAGEMENT A hydraulic mulcher is the most efficient tool to cut underbrush and keep your private property accessible.
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