Bobcat Drum Mulcher – 2-Speed, 61″

Turn trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch. Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground. Compact size allows for any type of removal job, whether clearing every tree or selectively thinning stands.

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Bobcat Drum Mulcher – 2-Speed, 61″

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Key Specifications

Length 43.3 in
Width 75.8 in
Height 61.9 in
Cutting Width 61.1 in
Operating Weight (w/front gate) 2,685 lb
Tree Diameter: Continous Use 5 in
Tree Diameter: Intermittent Removal 9 in
Tree Diameter: Occasional Removal 12 in
Max Hydraulic Flow 45 gal/min
Max Hydraulic Pressure 4,000 psi
Drum Speed 2,000 rpm
Operating Weight with Drum Option 2,525 lb

Key Features

Heavy-Duty Carbide Teeth Heavy-duty carbide teeth on the standard rotor drum rip through hard and soft woods, providing long life and uptime protection.
Depth Control Rings Depth control rings on the optional drum limit engagement of the cutting teeth for more efficient operation and a consistent mulch. (Available on the 50-inch and 61-inch drum mulcher).
Two-Speed Hydraulic Motor Two-speed hydraulic motor delivers increased drum torque and automatically shifts to meet the demands of every job. A single-speed motor is also available with a 61-inch drum.
Compact Size Compact size of the drum mulcher accommodates any tree removal job.
Reinforced Push Bar Reinforced push bar and optional low-profile front gate provide optimal visibility to the drum and cutting teeth.
Hydraulic Drum Brake Hydraulic drum brake brings the drum to a stop within 20 seconds after deactivating the auxiliary hydraulics
Redesigned Hydraulic Block & Drive Components Redesigned hydraulic block and drive components enhance durability.
Bolt-On Skid Shoes Bolt-on skid shoes are replaceable for greater convenience and operator uptime.
Durable Connection Points Durable connection points are designed for long-term operation and operator uptime.
Pressure Gauge Pressure gauge, standard on the 50-inch and 61-inch drum mulcher, allows operators to better monitor drum speeds.
Hose Clamps & Hose Sling Hose clamps and hose sling protect hydraulic hoses from kinking, contact wear and entanglement.
Rear Debris Chains Rear debris chains obstruct debris thrown toward the rear of the attachment.