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Timesaving Forestry Attachments for Your Next Project

When it comes to landscaping or forestry site maintenance, you need more than just the right equipment. After you’ve stacked your fleet with powerful, maneuverable and reliable machines, make sure you have the right forestry attachments – or land-clearing attachments – for the job. Keep reading to find the perfect attachment for popular landscaping or forestry-related tasks.

Turn Trees Into Mulch With the Forestry Cutter Attachment

Don’t let trees slow you down: If you’re clearing the way for disaster mitigation, site preparation, road maintenance or orchard and vineyard maintenance, the forestry cutter is a great land-clearing attachment to consider. You can easily thin specific sections or tear down every tree in the area, depending on the needs of your jobsite.

When buying a forestry cutter, make sure you select the right tooth option for your project. The fast-cutting teeth on this forestry attachment are the key to quickly and efficiently turning trees into mulch. If you’re mulching material below the surface of the soil, then a carbide tooth option with a wider drum is the best option. But if you have a lot of standing hardwood and you’re trying to cut everything down to soil level, then a forestry cutter with knife teeth on a smaller drum is better.

Compact Track Loader Cuts Down Trees With Forestry Cutter Attachment

Grip and Rip Forestry Materials With the Root Grapple Attachment

If you’re constantly watching forestry material slip between your fingers, the root grapple land-clearing attachment is what you’re looking for. Its curved, skeletal teeth easily grip and rip materials like rocks, roots, brush, overgrowth and debris without driving into the ground. If you’re looking for the biggest, baddest biter out there, consider the root grapple instead of clunky wheelbarrow for your next project.

R-Series Compact Track Loader Hauls Material With Root Grapple Attachment

Clear Utility Lines With a Variety of Forestry Attachments

Clearing lines for local utility companies? The perfect attachment option depends on multiple factors, including the maturity of the land and the type of equipment you have on hand.

If the land hasn’t been cleared in a few years, a forestry cutter attachment easily cuts the initial overgrowth down to size. Once the brush is at a more manageable level, you can maintain the area using a flail mower on your compact excavator. The flail cutter and the Brushcat™ rotary cutter are also great options for clearing brush and small trees if a skid-steer loader or compact track loader is your machine of choice.

R-Series Skid-Steer Loader Clears Brush With Flail Cutter Attachment

Quickly Clear Heavy Brush With a BrushCat Rotary Cutter Attachment

If you’re cutting down large swaths of overgrown brush, you can tackle the task efficiently on a variety of land sizes with the Brushcat™ rotary cutter. With three different cutting widths to choose from, consider which size best fits the needs of your average jobsite: a 66-inch width for smaller jobs, a 72-inch width for mid-size jobs or an 80-inch option for larger projects. Pro tip: If you clear both small and large jobsites, opt for the 72-inch-wide cutter.

R-Series Compact Track Loader Clears Brush With Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment

Create a Smooth Finish With the Brush Saw and Stump Grinder Attachments

The brush saw is a powerful land-clearing attachment for your skid-steer or compact track loader. It’s perfect for helping you cut trees flush with the ground or just below the surface to eliminate stubborn stumps at the root.

However, if your landscaping goes beyond forestry-related site maintenance, you may prefer the stump grinder attachment. The stump grinder is the perfect tool for eliminating stumps on smaller jobsites, while the brush saw is excellent for more intense or widespread brush clearing. You can pair the stump grinder with a variety of popular landscaping equipment, including compact track loaders, skid-steer loaders, mini track loaders, small articulated loaders and even utility products like the Toolcat™ Work Machine.

R-Series Skid-Steer Loader Eliminates Stump With Stump Grinder Attachment
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