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What Makes the E42 and E50 Mini Excavators Different?

Compact excavators, also referred to as mini excavators, are versatile machines found on jobsites everywhere. Able to tackle a variety of tough projects, including excavating, landscaping and demolition, compact excavators are essential machines for building your fleet.
We’re always evolving our machines to help customers accomplish more. That’s why we’re excited to unveil the new R2-Series excavators. With their enhanced performance, control, efficiency and comfort, these R2-Series models could be considered the best compact excavators in the industry.So far, we’ve launched two mini excavators from the R2-Series line, with more to come. While the E42 and E50 compact excavators share some similarities, they also have some key differences. Check out the side-by-side comparison below to decide which excavator is right for you.

Infographic Highlighting Key Differences Between Bobcat E42 and E50 Compact Excavator Specs

E42 Compact Excavator

Horsepower: 42.6 hp
Operating Weight: 9,830 – 10,666 lb.
Travel Speed: 1.6 – 3.3 mph
Arm Digging Force: 5,803 – 5,852 lbf.
Bucket Digging Force: 9,601 lbf.
Rated Lift Capacity: 4,638 – 4,921 lb.
Maximum Dig Depth: 10.4 – 12.4 ft.
Maximum Dump Height: 12.3 – 13.7 ft.
Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 17.3 – 19.1 ft.
Tail Swing: Conventional
Arm Options: Standard, Long Arm, Extendable Arm

E50 Compact Excavator

Horsepower: 49.7 hp
Operating Weight: 11,357 – 11,894 lb.
Travel Speed: 1.8 – 2.8 mph
Arm Digging Force: 5,962 – 6,987 lbf.
Bucket Digging Force: 9,511 lbf.
Rated Lift Capacity: 6,534 – 6,746 lb.
Maximum Dig Depth: 11.4 – 12.7 ft.
Maximum Dump Height: 13.0 – 13.9 ft.
Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 19.4 – 20.6 ft.
Tail Swing: Minimal
Arm Options: Standard, Long Arm

Replacing a previous machine with an R-Series compact excavator

With the launch of the R2-Series compact excavators, there’s not an exact excavator to take the place of the M-Series E45. If you’ve been loyal to the E45 but are in need of a new machine, we recommend trying the R2-Series E42, which is comparable to the E45 excavator.

The E45 and E42 have a similar horsepower, operating weight, arm digging force, bucket digging force, travel speed, maximum dig depth and maximum dump height, with the E42 compact excavator performing slightly better in arm digging force, bucket digging force and maximum dump height.

If you’re looking for a lifting capacity and maximum reach at ground level that’s similar to the M-Series E45, we recommend trying the larger R2-Series E50 excavator.

If you’re still not sure which R2-Series excavator would best meet your needs in comparison to the E45, reach out to your local dealer for more information.

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